is created from a group of experienced and well established companies (Unimat, Four V System, Electro Instal Grup and Allied Engineers). With our UK partners Principal Designer Consulting, Absolute Health and Safety Solutions Ltd, Collier Farms and Dubai Partner Linklights Switch Gear we are able to act as both EPC or Principal Contractor within the UK or internationally.

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With our Partners and Sustainable Bright’s skill sets we can provide a full turnkey solution ensuring on all compliance, construction and maintenance for solar PV farms, uniquely tailored to our Clients specific needs. With over 40 years of combined experience in various infrastructure and large scale renewables energy projects, equating to over 1,198MW of renewable energy. We have positive feedback from our Clients, their testimonials speak for themselves on all our projects.

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During Pre-Construction phase, we can design the proposed facility adopting the principals of prevention to minimise risks during construction and on completion.

Undertaking full prior planning to ensure the Construction Phase commences smoothly, whilst ensuring full compliance.

Design portfolio

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We have a good reputation and are committed on delivering high quality jobs for our clients. Our mission is to offer the best price while ensuring an excellent execution.

Vasile Bocian, Director & Founder